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Choosing a home  


Choosing a Care Home

This can be a very important and sometimes difficult decision, particularly if long term care is needed. If possible you should give yourself as much time as possible to explore all the possibilities, gather the relevant information and then make your best decision. It is worth considering, that even if you have previously made a decision regarding a care home, and if needs or circumstances change you can always reconsider and reassess if there is a better more suitable home available to meet your needs.

What kind of Home

There are different types of care homes that have the capabilities, are assessed and registered as capable of delivering different types of care.
Residential Care: This is the starting point and is about the care of people who are generally over 65 or who have age related issues. This type of care generally does not need a fully qualified nurse to be present all the time, but is supported by visiting District nurses.
Nursing Care: This is for people who need more care than just Residential Care, because they have more involved medical issues which needs fully qualified nurses to carry out more specialist care 24 hours per day.
Palliative Care: This is for people who are reaching the final stages of their life.
Physical Disability: This is for people generally between 18 to 65 years who have mobility or physical issues and need full time care.
Holiday/Respite Care: This is for people and their carers who need a short stay to give a break to each other.
Intermediate/Re-enablement/Crisis Recovery Care: This is for people who may have come from either home or hospital who need some time to regain their abilities with help before going home.
Dementia Care: This is for people who are suffering from a developed Dementia or Alzheimer’s type of condition, which has been medically diagnosed.  This is not to be confused with the general deterioration of mental capacity that many older people experience, but is where mental medical issues often form the greater part of the care which is required.

Grosvenor House is very capable of providing the best care for all of the above.  At Grosvenor House everybody including Residential Care people benefit from 24 hours a day fully qualified nurses being present to help and oversee the care given, and be there if out of hours unplanned nursing care is required.

An important question to ask, is what would happen if I chose a home that was capable of only delivering residential care, and the care that was need became more specialist as time moved on, such as Nursing, Dementia or Gold Standard Care which deals with advanced care planning. At Grosvenor House we offer Residential, Nursing, Dementia and Gold Standard Care which means as needs change you are unlikely to need to move Care Home as we offer care to suit most needs.

Questions about the Homes Facilities and Environment

A Good starting point here is to access what the home has & does over and above the minimum standards. And how this benefits not only the residents, but also the visitors.

|Are most of the rooms single, large, with ensuite toilet, wash hand basin and some with ensuite showers? Do the rooms have telephone and TV points, and is there a choice of deep windows with flower boxes or French doors onto a private garden? Do the rooms benefit from electrically adjustable profiling beds and are pressure-relieving mattresses available? Are the rooms well decorated with feature walls? Has the home been designed to be easy to navigate and use, for people with impaired capacities?

Is there a room available for short stay, can I stay for a couple of nights free of charge whilst making my mind up, or perhaps for a day and experience the home and its meals etc? Can visitors stay for a night, and can they enjoy their meals with me? Are visitors made to feel welcome, can they use a tea bar and is there a shop for treats and snacks? Are prospective residents given the opportunity to turn up at any time and check for themselves what the home is like? Can visitors come at any time and stay as long as they like?

Is the living/day space beautiful appointed, is their lots more space than is required? Are their south facing rooms with great views, large windows and bi-fold doors onto a south patio with automatic sun awnings to shield the brightest weather?

Is the home kept very clean and smell free, and there any survey results from residents and visitors surveys to support this?

Is the kitchen first class, and are the vegetables fresh and lots of the ingredients locally sourced. Is the menu interesting and varied?

Does the home have a hydrotherapy spa, with the latest lifting aids, plus a special shower that can be used to wash anybody regardless of their mobility?

Does the home benefit from the latest environmental innovations, which reduces its impact on the environment. Is the home in the top 10% of buildings in the UK for low CO2 output.

Grosvenor House can answer YES to all of the above. Our facilities are some of the very best you will find anywhere in the area, but you don’t have to take our word for it, West Lindsey District Council environmental health have rated our facilities as “5 Star”. Even better come and visit yourself spend some time with us and our residents and staff, and then make your own mind up.

Questions about the Homes' Care

Again a good measure of home is how far it goes beyond the minimum standards, and understanding how the existing residents, their family or friends rate the home.

Are most of the staff either trained nurses or have NVQ qualifications. Are there long periods of sustained continued employment at the home by the staff? Do the staff seem friendly and approachable. Is the homes manager also a qualified nurse, with a qualification in care home management and other extra skills such as health and safety etc?

Will the care home spend time with me checking that they can give me all the personal care I need and is unique to me, before I decide on which care home I would prefer?

Is there a Keyworker policy which effectively means that each resident has a member of staff introduced to them, who will form a special close relationship and always have their best interests in mind, this member of staff will be regularly checking if there everything is OK and ensuring that the care home is giving the best possible care for a particular resident.

Is your care reviewed regularly, is your Keyworker or friends or family invited to discussions about your care. Are your social and mental well being always considered with your care plan, and are you encouraged to take part in activities, which you enjoy. Does the home employ a dedicated activities coordinator, and is the home a member of NAPA (National Association for the Providers of Activities for Older People)?

Can the home give any examples of people who have come to the home for convalescing and re-enablement care, who have made great recoveries and gone on to lead their original life before the crisis, illness, or accident? Can these people be contacted to confirm their recovery?

Does the care home follow the very latest care philosophy regarding advanced care planning. Is the care home one of only 60 homes in the UK to be an accredited of the Gold Standard Framework programme?

Does the care home fully understand how the surroundings and ambience can help people’s state of mind, which reflects in their physical well being? Is there lots of natural sunlight inside the building?

Are visitors and residents encouraged to give feed back both informally and formally. Are Quality Assessment questioaires used, and are they available for inspection? Are the results analysed, an improvement plan initiated, and the findings relayed back to the residents and visitors? Are visitors, friends, family and residents encouraged to form a steering group to help feed back good ideas what works, what doesn’t work, comments etc.

Grosvenor House can answer YES to all of the above. Our care is given by some of the best staff in the sector, and our philosophy of care is up to date with the very latest and best practice in the UK. Why not visit Grosvenor House and talk to our staff, residents, visitors, and people who have enjoyed our care gone home, but still come back to visit because they have made lifelong friends at Grosvenor House and enjoy being here so much.

Making the best decision

There are probably lots of other more minor questions you also need to ask, help is also available from the following Age Concern link.

Please feel free to download our latest reports. When you are happy that you have collated all the information you need, and we all think that the decision is the right one, Grosvenor House is waiting to welcome you into a great place to live full of fun, support and care.

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