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Grosvenor House Care Home is regulated by The Care Quality Commission.

"Our job is to check whether hospitals, care homes and care services are meeting national standards"

Their latest report about our Grosvenor is avalable now.

Once you have downloaded or read the latest report you can discuss any detail of its contents by contacting:
The Matron, Grosvenor House Care Home
01427 616950

Grosvenor Houses' delicious and nutritional food is served from a Local Authority 5 Star rated kitchen.
"The kindness and care that you have shown has been much appreciated"


Every year Grosvenor House spends some time formally going through all the evidence we have collated throughout the year to assess how well we are delivering our services; How are customers experiences and outcomes relate to the service which we aspire to deliver; the feedback we get from professional visitors who we interact with throughout the year;any statutory inspections.

This year we have looked at the following evidence

  1. Customer Questionnaire including any other correspondence regarding our overall service.
  2. Professional services questionnaire.
  3. Care Quality Commission Inspection Report.
  4. NHS Lincolnshire I- Care- Care Home Assessment.
  5. Lincolnshire County Council Quality Assessment Framework.
  6. Gold Standards Framework for people in their final years of life.
  7. Area Pharmacy Report.
  8. Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene Rating.
  9. Any other supporting evidence, for further information see customer comments section.
1. We view our service users’ questionnaire as the singularly most important document for us to judge how our customers and visitors feel about what we do.  We aim to send out our Quality Questionnaire at least annually and more often if possible.  Prior to sending out the questionnaire we review it and check that all the categories and criteria are still relevant and we add any new items we feel to be useful.  There are 77 separate response areas; there are also 6 free form comment boxes for additional input and comments.  We are very grateful to people who spend the time to reply and we do spend some time understanding the information that people want to get across to us.  After we have completed the analysis we send out a copy to all our staff to give feedback particularly in any area where we feel there is reasonable room for improvement.  We then monitor following questionnaire response to see if our approach has been successful.  For the 2013 survey we received over 1100 criteria responses.

In the Environment section our overall satisfaction rating was 87% with people being 7 times more likely to respond either satisfied or very satisfied than any other response. 
Care and Wellbeing our average satisfaction rating was 93% by far the largest response was very satisfactory with people being 10 times more likely to respond very satisfied or satisfied compared to any other category. 
Visiting, Communication and this Homes Community average satisfaction rating was 97% by far the largest response was very satisfactory with respondents 11 times more likely to respond very satisfied or satisfied compared to any other category.
Staff average satisfaction rating was 96% by far the largest response was very satisfactory with respondents 9 times more likely to respond very satisfied or satisfied.
Management and Administration average satisfaction rating was 97% by far the largest response was very satisfactory with respondents 15times more likely to respond very satisfied or satisfied.
Overall experience and outcomes average satisfaction rating was 97% by far the largest response was very satisfactory with respondents 5 times more likely to respond very satisfied or satisfied. We have also targeted two areas where we believe we can achieve an improved rating over the next 12 months.

Generally speaking people were 9 times more likely to be very satisfied or satisfied than all the other combined responses and less than 1% of all responses showed a level where targeted improvement should in their opinion be sought. There were also some great comments including: “The Managers visit to our home prior to Chris’s stay was very valuable to us.  It allayed many concerns and gave us confidence that he would be well looked after.  Email responses to queries were helpful and reassuring”
“I have only experienced and witnessed great compassion given to all residents”
“Excellent and this questionnaire is welcome due to the bad press that some care homes are experiencing.  This is a true exception. Well done!”
“Our stay was for a week’s respite and found things very satisfactory”
See copy of Service user’s questionnaire. 

2. As well as our service user’s we ask all people who deliver professional services to our clients while they are in our care to rate how they feel about our performance.  There are 13 criteria which we ask to be assessed against, 30 professionals were targeted including GP’s, specialist nurses, other health practitioner’s such as dentists, opticians, chiropodists, physiotherapists, pharmacists; regulatory professionals and various other people related to the health and social care sector.

By a huge margin the most common response was very satisfied, in fact people were 9 times more likely to respond very satisfactory than any other response and in fact the most common outcome for any category was 100% satisfaction rating across everybody who responded to the survey. 
Comments include:  “Always warmly welcomed, everybody helpful and accommodating.  I always recommend Grosvenor House to people.  If I had to come into a home I would happily come to Grosvenor House”
See attached copy of professional questionnaire

3. The CQC Inspection Report has in fact changed its format in recent years previously a provider was assessed against various categories with a specific rating against this category.  The last time Grosvenor House was assessed using this format we were scored either excellent or good in all categories.  More recently the inspection reports are an assessment against a pre-selected number of standards which we are expected to comply with.  In 2013 we were inspected against the following standards:  Care and Welfare of people who use services: Meeting nutritional needs : Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision: Complaints.  The highest possible outcome that Grosvenor House could achieve against these standards is to meet the standard.  Grosvenor House met all four of the standards it was inspected against. 
See attached copy of CQC report 2013

4. NHS Lincolnshire in 2012 developed a new initiative to quality monitor care homes.  This is a very rigorous assessment based on collating evidence across 221 separate areas, sub divided into the following summary areas. The % in brackets are the ratings Grosvenor House achieved.
Care Planning (91%), Safeguarding (97%), Clinical effectiveness (93%), and Operational areas (93%).  It is our understanding that Grosvenor House achieved one of the highest ratings in the county with a 93% overall score. See attached copy of NHS Report

5. Lincolnshire County Council during 2009/2010 developed an initiative called Quality Assessment Framework.  This document looked at 10 key domain areas.  The % in brackets are the ratings Grosvenor House achieved. Security and Access (100%); Privacy, Dignity and Space (90%); Managing my identity(100%); Creating a community and involvement(100%); Care practice(90%); Managing the business(100%); Quality standards(92%); Business Planning(100%); Staff Management and Profile(93%); My Home Life(94%).  Grosvenor House scored excellent across all 10 categories with an overall score of 94% and again an overall rating of excellent, again one of the highest overall ratings in the county.  Due to budgetary changes at Lincolnshire County Council there are currently no funds allocated to this initiative, however Grosvenor House believes that given we still deliver our services in the same way and all our other metrics indicate this, we still believe this document to be relevant. 
See attached copy of LCC report

6. Gold Standard Framework
See press release

Grosvenor House is commended after receiving a second national award March 2012

Staff at Grosvenor House are celebrating after receiving a national award recognising their sustained Gold Standard later life care.

Grosvenor is part of a very small group of 17 homes In England and Wales to have currently been reaccredited with the award - proving that it has continued to provide the highest quality of care for residents in their later life. Barbara Bussey, Grosvenor’s manager said “Our community at Grosvenor is very much a group of people with very different care needs”.
Our under laying mantra is helping people to live well regardless of any health issues; we have people constantly coming and going as we help to support them living at home, we have people who have complex physical care needs, we have people who have social care needs, and we have people who are in need of later life care. 4 years ago we set out on a journey to ensure that we were offering the very best care to people who need later life care. 3 years ago we were one of the first homes in the country to achieve this prestigious award; We are absolutely delighted to receive this award again and particularly happy to have received the Commended Status, which is a tribute to all our staff’s continuous dedication over the past 3 years. We have always prided ourselves on the care we provide our residents. GSF helped us formalise this and take our care to the next level, and over the last 3 years we have continued to work hard to ensure that all our residents enjoy their lives, receiving the highest quality care they want in their chosen place, and to avoid inappropriate hospital admissions.”  Professor Keri Thomas GSF National Lead said “ Those homes that have received the GSF Quality Hallmark for the second time have demonstrated a continuous improvement in the quality of Care they provide, leading to greater satisfaction for families, residents and staff. The Gold Standard of Care shows that homes like Grosvenor House have proved that they are doing this over a sustained period, continually building on what is already a high standard of care. This award helps individuals and their families to identify homes delivering high quality care and shows that despite media reports to the contrary, there are many homes providing the kind of care that people in our society want and deserve.  As the pressure grows on the NHS to deliver more for less money, the Gold Standard will make a significant contribution towards this.” More than 200 homes across England and Wales have now been recognised with the award, and Grosvenor House certainly stands out among this select group with its second award and it’s Commended Status
See attached copy of Gold Standards Certificate

7. Every 3 months an NHS approved pharmacist carries out a review at Grosvenor House on the policy, practice and procedure relating to drugs and medicines.  Grosvenor House constantly delivers a high quality service in this regard which is evident from the 3 monthly issued reports

8.   The Food Hygiene Rating looks at the environment which foods are stored and prepared; the competency of the staff carrying out this work; the practice, procedure and record keeping; the long term confidence in the staff to constantly deliver.  Our current Food Hygiene Rating “– Very Good “which is the highest possible. Grosvenor House for many years has constantly achieved the highest rating available.   
See attached copy of Food Hygiene Certificate

9. Below are some unsolicited written comments we have recently received from our clients;

 “We would like to thank you all for looking after our mother in a very caring manner in her hour of need.  It was very much appreciated by us all and we could not think of a better home for her to be in”

“We would like to thank the Nursing staff and carers for the loving care and attention given to Mum over the past 3 years.  Without such care we would not have had her for as long.  Your kindness and caring at the end was greatly appreciated”

“Many thanks for everything you did for “Cissy”.  She always enjoyed her stay at Grosvenor for respite and praised the staff for their wonderful care”

“Thank you very much for working so hard to make Mum’s final hours as comfortable and dignified as possible.   You made a very difficult time just a little bit easier. Thank you to you all”

“Thank you for all the care you gave to my Mum while she was with you.  I know you had some good times and not so good times with her but you always did a wonderful job.  Also I would like to say a big thank you to you all for being so friendly to myself and my husband when we came to visit and always found time to have a chat.  I think that this is important because it makes you feel welcome when visiting. Thank you also for the care and support you gave to me at the end of Mum’s life it meant a lot to me being an only one and not having much family support.  Once again a big thank you to you all”

For further client comments see comments section

Whilst we would always recommend a walk round visit to a care organisation if possible, the attached information gives you a very good reason to short list Grosvenor House who has consistently been delivering very high quality care to people for over 28 years.

All the information referred to above is available for inspection at Grosvenor House.

The following documents are available for download.


CQC Report 2013 (PDF)
Food Hygiene 2012 (PDF)
Gold Standard Frameword Certificate 2012
Gold Standard Framework
Lincolnshire Quality Assessment Framework

NHS Lincolnshire Care Home Assessment (PDF)

Previous Quality Report 2010 - 2011
Previous Quality Report April 2012
Proffessional Questionnaire
Service User Questionnaire
West Lindsay Best Community Project
Customer comments


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